Why we bombard ourselves with Information?

ImageInternet is THE global communication system of the future. It is a fruit of our evolution. However, the internet is cumbersome territory for fumbling navigators.

The internet has spurred in us a character trait, which is devastating in excess amounts. It is, in one word, anxiety. Why do we succumb to it? Why does it hold the power to enslave us and not the other way around?

A friend who’s currently studying psychology said that a certain level of anxiety is necessary for everyone. If not for that, we would miss that important phone call or not open the door in time. Even worse, we would be oblivious to deadlines! It (anxiety) is a wise friend, but should not be given one inch more than required.

How does one know the ‘required’ amount? Well if it was that easy we’d already have mastered it, don’t you think? Our brains are phenomenally competent and I truly believe they are limitless in potential. But, as a racehorse is only as good as the jockey riding it, our brains are only as good as the mind guiding it.

In this age of information, we seek pleasure in receiving the same. Learning is, righteously so, the source of our intuition and the reason to thrive for many. I am a ‘learning-junkie’ myself. I love devouring information from so many sources that I lose count. However, excess is neither advised, nor lasts. We cannot eat more than our appetite or ingest alcohol more than our capacity for the same. It is only when we accept our limits, can we move past them. We are born as incumbent, inexperienced beings, limited by our flesh. But in our essence, we are limitless.

Our limitless potential was uncovered by Quantum Physicists, who discovered The Universe operates on a ‘do-be-do’ philosophy. As we progress, ‘doing’ for some time and just ‘being’ for some time, we learn, we grow. In the big picture there is no limit to our growth.

“What happens when we attempt to shortcut a natural process in our growth and development? It results in disappointment and frustration.” – Stephen R.Covey

Reality often imposes subconscious limits upon us. They can pervade our lives in hidden and stealthy ways. There is a definite end to the floor in your bedroom, or office. It ends at the wall or door. But go outside and start walking east, you’ll be able to keep walking. There is no limit to the number of ways you can take while you’re walking.

So, in much the same way we must regulate our information intake such that every ‘learning hangover’ gives us deeper insight than the last one.

As for the ‘required’ amount – If you can remember the topic of everything you read, you are doing well. Any further and you may be losing vital information.

‘Doing & Being’, try it. You will be amazed at how far you reach!


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